Gwent League — Blaise Castle

11 Mar

With both the Gloucester Road Relay and Bath Half Marathon having a serious effect with Team Numbers, I’m delighted to report that out of the 15 Athletes who did compete, 5 recorded wins!

Eleanor Wimshurst (U20) moved up to compete in the Senior Ladies race and appeared to win at a canter and it was much the same for Olivia Sadler (U17’s), Tim Wallis (Senior Men) and Sean Hazel (U20’s).

However Miranda Sadler was acting under instruction to hold back and left her effort to the last 250 metres before pulling away from the classy Annie Ingram of Team Bath.

Although a little over shadowed by the success at the sharp end one shouldn’t overlook the positive performances of newcomer George Green in the Novice Boys race.

Amy Reade, who beat one or two of last weeks Avon Schools representatives in the Under 13 girl’s race and Billie Williams, who arguably ran her best Cross Country so far and may be regretting the fact that the Cross Country season is coming to an end.

I understand that both Miles and Lewis were a little under the weather but still managed solid performances.

Overall there was a series win for Sean Hazel in the Under 20 competition, a second place for Tim Wallis and a surprise turnaround for Olivia Sadler as the win on the day elevated her from 7th to 3rd!

Novice Boy – George Green 13th

Under 13 Girls – Amy Reade 26th

Under 13 Boys – Tom Grant 31st

Under 15 Girls – Miranda Sadler 1st

Under 15 Boys – Miles Chandler 6th, Lewis Nightingale 22nd, Patrick Krause 29th

Combined Under 20 &17 Ladies – Olivia Sadler 1st, Billie Williams 8th

Under 20 & 17 Men – Sean Hazel 1st, Matt Deacon 11th

Senior Women – Eleanor Wimshurst 1st, Lucy Ferguson 17th,Vicky Tester 20th, Alison Hurford 24th

Senior Men – Tim Wallis 1st.