Rose Baldwin

04 Feb

We are saddened by the recent Death of Rose Baldwin (47). Rose’s funeral took place on Tuesday some two weeks after she passed away.

Rose’s younger daughter Claire Denley trained at Whitchurch competing in cross country events. Claire suffered from brittle bones and came off the worse for wear on at least one occasion.

Rose lived close to the Whitchurch track and with Claire joining the club Rose quickly became involved. Rose took on the role of U15 Boys Cross Country Team Manager.

Rose and her partner Graham gave great assistance to the young athletes team during a number of summers. Rose did her best to qualify as a field judge and became very capable. Graham provided assistance too either as an unqualified field judge or hurdle mover. Rose was one of the rare people associated with the club to have a catering certificate and on a number of occasions coordinated the catering for officials.

Rose ceased to help quite a while ago having suffered a heart complaint.

We are saddened by her passing and our thoughts go out to her family.