Performances Of The Week

22 Oct


1 JON WILLS – Jon produced one of his best ever performances on the road to give us a dream start in last weekend’s National road relay championships, only being just outsprinted for first place by budding 1500m star David Forrester. His time 0f 17:12 was his best ever for the course and within 10 seconds of the third fastest time overall.

2 KATE GOODHEAD – Like Jon Kate clocked her best time ever for the 4-stage relay of 14:27 to give us a medal-winning chance on the anchor leg, which Claire so nearly converted.

3 ERICA GOLLAND – Erica may have only been running for the C team, but if she can keep up her present rate of progress she will be in the A team next year! Remarkably her time of 16:21 was almost one and a half minutes than she had run on ly three weeks before in the Midland relay championships. SPECIAL MENTION – Ruth Mitchell just misses out, but she ran 47 seconds faster than at the Midlands too.


1 RICH PETERS – Rich was rightly disappointed with his run following his recent improved form in training, but considering he blew it by going off too fast he still managed to slash 49 seconds off his Midland relay time.

2 ELLIE WIMSHURST – Ellie proved that she can already mix it with the seniors and was only one second off clocking the fastest time for our outstanding B team that in finishing 13th was beaten by only ten other clubs on the day!

3 NATHAN YOUNG – Nathan has still not fully shaken off the chest infection that has held back his training for the last four weeks, but still ran 43 seconds faster than he had at the Midlands.


1 JON GOODLAND – Trying to keep up with Jon’s racing programme is an achievement in itself. Where is he going to pop up next? He has certainly made a fist of it this last week, belying his V50 status by finishing in the top six in Thursday’s Weston Prom race and then going even one better with third place in the Dartmoor Vale marathon in a highly creditable time for the tough course of 2:55:24.

2 HELEN FINES – Helen probably feels she doesn’t really belong in the Masters section, but her fine recent form warrants acknowledgement again. She anchored our impressive B squad in the National road relay with the team’s fastest time of 15:23.

3 NICKY BROMHALL – While Jon was exploring the delights of the Dartmoor Vale, Nicky chose a perhaps even more scenic, and certainly more masochistic, day’s exercise to finish third woman in the Exmoor Stagger – a mere 16 mile jaunt to the summit of Dunkery Beacon and back! Oh, wouldn’t Helen have loved staggering!