BMC Bristol XC Classic

27 Sep

BMC Bristol XC Classic 4K
Incorporating 50th Mike Sully Trophy, 14th Gemma Butler Bowl and the Up & Running 1,200 metres
The Downs, near Bristol Zoo, 22 November 2009

The one kilometre course was created in 2002 with the following aims: to re-establish the Bristol XC Classic on the national scene – as a 4K race, to stimulate cross country running in schools, to bring a good class running event to Bristol annually, to take advantage of the scenic and historic area of the Bristol Downs.

Participants in the previous seven years have enjoyed the beautiful setting and visitors have seen able to see some exciting racing as well as other local attractions. Within a short walking distance are the Durdham Downs with views over the Avon Gorge, Bristol Zoo, Bristol Suspension Bridge and Clifton Village. There has been a good standard of entries over the years.

Runners have found the short grass surface ideal for running. The twists and turns with slight undulations make an interesting course. There are no dangerous rocks protruding through the surface and no overhanging vegetation. The Downs are a popular training ground for joggers and serious athletes.

Spectators are able to view from all around the circuit. As the circuit is only 1K, it is easy to try out a number of viewpoints. Parking is on nearby Downs roads, notably Ladies Mile adjacent to the course. No parking is allowed on the grass. It is six minutes’ easy walk to public toilets at the Water Tower and portable toilets are provided on-site near the start. Supporters are allowed inside the circuit, so that they can be with their athletes at the start and finish. Presentations take place as soon as possible after each race. The senior races incorporate the men’s Mike Sully Trophy, now in its 50th year and the women’s Gemma Butler Bowl, in its 14th year.

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