It’s not a FELLony

23 Sep

Bristol and West Club Secretary, Mike Adams, was very pleased to finish 2nd in the South of England Athletic Association Fell Running Championships last weekend. It was his third SEAA medal. All his intensive exercising and training since the start of June paid dividends.

Mike got off to a good start with 2nd in the first ‘short and sharp’ race on Saturday morning and never really looked back. In the second race in the afternoon he was 3rd, partly because of a big hold up at a gate – at least a minute for Mike. The chap who was 5th in the opening race got 2nd in that race making things close ahead of the final race. In the third and final long race on the Sunday, he overtook Mike on the opening uphill and got up to two hundred metres ahead but he struggled on the uphill and downhill sections in the middle and Mike caught him around half way at the water station. After that the pair strode out along the long stretch of disused railway line before Mike pulled away on the final up.

Well done Mike.