Bridge Inn Winter Series Race 5 Result

24 Feb

Tonight’s race was won in one of fastest times we’ve seen at the Bridge Inn, 14:57, by Cardiff’s Daniel Stevens with another five runners breaking 16 minutes and twenty five going sub 18. A fine standard indeed and it was also a good size field with 107 finishers. The overall race result is available now with the category and series results to follow later.

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3 thoughts on “Bridge Inn Winter Series Race 5 Result

  1. ditto the second poster. The race must hold up cyclists by about 2min at most, once a month. A little bit of spit is good for everyone anyway

  2. Sorry that you feel so upset. The race is very well organised and is regularly inspected by UK Athletics to check it meets the necessary standards. We’re sorry you have to slow down and ring your bell to make yourself know to the runners but I’m sure they move once they are aware of your presence. The race only consumes 30 minutes out of the entire month and has been going since before the cycle path existed. I guess we could all do with a little more tolerance, some more than others.

  3. this event is poorly organised.
    for one the cycle track is for everyone to use not just for one party, the runners decide to first ignore safety by not wearing illuminating bibs on a very dark track and then weave from side to side of the track without looking behind them, running three abreast, spitting without checking first and finally setting up a checkpoint under a bridge taking up half the track to have finished runners block the other half.
    not only stupid but greedy and irresponible.
    this needs serious attention before somebody has an accident

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