Anyone Interested Running In The Cotswold Relay?

22 Feb

The Cotswold Relay takes place towards the end of June. It’s a race along the entire length of the Cotswold Way split into ten stages and finishing in the heart of Bath.

The stages vary in length from about nine to thirteen miles and they could be described as ‘slightly’ more than undulating – without wishing to put anyone off. But before I enter a team I would like to get a feel as to whether I have any chance of raising a team of ten runners and ideally I’d like to enter a mixed team.

Although every team taking part would like to win it – and indeed the competition at the front is keenly fought – the relay is as much a social occasion as an out and out race. I’ve run it a couple of times and it’s always been a great day out. So whatever your standard (I, myself, am a bit rubbish), man or woman, young (over seventeen) or old, if you are a club member and interested in running then send me an email at

For more information about the Cotswold Relay, visit the race website,
The Mad Runner