NJAL Midland Severn Division (Sun 27th July)

10 Aug

The individual results below are the Bristol & West with Mendip performances at the 4th and final meeting of the Midland Severn Division of the National Junior League.

The match score was:

Cheltenham                                    519Bristol & West with Mendip             343South Wales                                    60East Wales                                       0
Cheltenham again finished first and became Division champions. The Bristol & West with Mendip team finished second throughout the season. On average better than Cheltenham except for number of athletes! For this final fixture there were some fine performances on a very hot summers day. James Preston, Matthew Norton and Hayley Green in the throws and Matthew Norton’s landing when guesting in the triple jump was spectacular. Nathan Young’s win in the 3000m was an outstanding time in the conditions. Sean Malone set a new PB in the high jump with 1.85 and hopefully he will be in the team more frequently next season. Rob Whitham was disappointed that a lap miscount ruined his hope for a new PB in the 2000m Steeple Chase. At least the barriers were set at the correct height.

Generally this season saw a further decline in numbers supporting the meetings. The four meeting format can only continue if fixture date clashes with the Welsh Junior League and increased support can be assured. Athletes will need to guide the team managers about their wishes for competition in 2009.

Hilary Nash

Meeting Organiser and Team Manager


Women100M 	Clare Dickins 	2B 	14.3100M 	Fliss Ball 	2A 	14.2200M 	Fliss Ball 	2A 	30.7LJ 	Clare Dickins 	1A 	4.49LJ 	Fliss Ball 	1B 	4.07HJ 	Clare Dickins 	2A 	1.3SP 	Hayley Green 	1A 	8.45DT 	Hayley Green 	1A 	32.23HT 	Hayley Green 	1A 	35.25JT 	Hayley Green 	2A 	19.93Men100M 	Adam Taylor 	2A 	11.7100M 	Matthew Norton 	2B 	13.8200M 	Adam Taylor 	2A 	23.8800M 	Sean Hazell 	1A 	2.08.0800M 	Rob Whitham 	1B 	2.10.63000M 	Nathan Young 	1A 	9.11.92000mSC 	Sean Hazell 	1B 	No Time400mH 	Sean Hazell 	1A 	68.12000mSC 	Rob Whitham 	1A 	No TimeDT 1.75 	James Preston 	1A 	38.27DT 1.75 	Matthew Norton 	1B 	25.98HT 6 	Matthew Norton 	2A 	43.53HT 6 	James Preston 	1B 	35.50HJ 	Sean Malone 	1A 	1.85HJ 	Cameron Walker-Shepherd 	2B 	1.60SP 6 	James Preston 	1A 	14.39SP 6 	Matthew Norton 	1B 	9.81TJ 	Rob Whitham 	1A 	12.57TJ 	Sean Hazell 	1B 	11.554 x 100m 	Norton, Hazell, Taylor & Whitham 	1A 	50.7TJ 	Matthew Norton 		8.66