Track and Field

06 Aug

B Team Results from Saturday 2nd August at Telford.

The team finished 5th on the day although I’m not sure of the overall league final positions but guess that we were 5th or 6th.

After a wet start in Bristol we arrived in sunny Telford only 10 minutes after the first events had started which was a little embarrassing as we were officiating the hammer.

Again, praise and thanks has to go to Alison and Ruby who put in some great performances with support from Chloe on her debut in the midland league to finish 5th women’s team. In the men’s team Alex Field made his debut in the sprints and Rob Whitham and Steve Spiers had heir first outings of the season with Rob gaining a personal best in the 800m and Steve getting the verdict on a close 100m with the first three running the same time. Elsewhere on the track, Simon Park had a rare appearance in the 400m whilst Rob, Jerry Hogan and Rick Wallis covered he longer distances. Rob covered the jumps with Luke Bailey and Steve West who, with Martin Davies, gave us a double first in the pole vault. In the field Martin, Luke, Simon, Steve W and Rick gave us valuable points and the day ended with solid performances in the relays.

Rick Wallis

	position 	athlete 	performanceMen’s results 			100 	A 	4 	Alex Field 	11.8100 	B 	1 	Steve Spiers 	11.9200 	A 	2 	Alex Field 	23.8200 	B 	3 	Simon Park 	24.6400 	A 	5 	Simon Park 	56.1				800 	A 	4 	Rob Whitham 	02:06.9800 	B 	6 	Rick Wallis 	02:21.71500 	A 	3 	Rob Whitham 	04:32.21500 	B 	4 	Jerry Hogan 	04:46.25000 	A 	4 	Rick Wallis 	10:15.05000 	B 	2 	Jerry Hogan       10:32.0110H 	A 	3 	Steve West 	23.0110H 	B 	4 	Martin Davies 	28.4												4x 100 		3 		47.1			Bailey, Spiers, Park, Field4x 400 		3 		04:03.8			Whitham, Hogan, Wallis, ParkLong J 	A 	4 	Rob Whitham 	5.68Long J 	B 			High J 	A 	3 	Luke Bailey 	1.60High J 	B 	3 	Steve West 	1.40Triple J 	A 	3 	Rob Whitham 	11.92Triple J 	B 			Pole Vault 	A 	1 	Steve West 	3.35Pole Vault 	B 	1 	Martin Davies 	3.20Hammer 	A 	6 	Martin Davies 	18.13Hammer 	B 	7 	Steve West 	8.58Javelin 	A 	5 	Luke Bailey 	32.74Javelin 	B 	6 	Rick Wallis 	22.01Discus 	A 	7 	Martin Davies 	18.85Discus 	B 	4 	Steve West 	18.28Shot 	A 	6 	Martin Davies 	7.97Shot 	B 	3 	Steve West 	6.93				Women’s results 			100 	A 	3 	Chloe Fletcher 	14.21500 	A 			1500 	B 			Long J 	A 	4 	Ruby Juan 	3.40Long J 	B 	4 	Alison Bailey 	2.72High J 	A 	4 	Ruby Juan 	1.10Pole Vault 	A 	1 	Ruby Juan 	2.10Hammer 	A 	6 	Ruby Juan 	12.86Hammer 	B 	4 	Alison Bailey 	10.67Discus 	A 	4 	Alison Bailey 	14.48Discus 	B 	2 	Ruby Juan 	13.95Shot 	A 	5 	Ruby Juan 	5.03Shot 	B 	5 	Alison Bailey 	4.68Javelin  A        6        Allison Bailey    12.02Javelin  B        2        Ruby Juan         11.25