NYAL League Meeting, 25th May 2008

02 Jun

The results from the second of the 2008 NJAL League meetings have just been received. Some detail is still to come.

The match result was another second place behind the Cheltenham & County Harriers team.

The interim match score is:

Cheltenham  & County Harriers    442Bristol & West with Mendip       343East Wales                       222South Wales                      145

If a numerically stronger team can be mustered for the next two meetings it will still be possible to win the Severn Division. In this meeting in only 5 out of the 36 events contested did Bristol athletes finish behind their Cheltenham couterpart.

Read more for athlete performances…

 100M 	Emily Diamond 	1A 	12.6100M 	Grace Hogan 	2B 	14.0200M 	Emily Diamond 	1A 	25.6200M 	Hayley Pitman 	1B 	26.9DT 	Hayley Green 	1A 	32.38DT 	Christina Jones 	2B 	23.39HT 	Christina Jones 	1A 	41.87HT 	Hayley Green 	1B 	34.00HJ 	Hayley Pitman 	1A 	1.50JT 	Christina Jones 	1A 	29.63JT 	Hayley Green 	1B 	19.40SP 	Christina Jones 	1A 	10.39SP 	Hayley Green 	2B 	7.44TJ 	Grace Hogan 	2A 	9.43			100M 	Ben Coghlan 	1A 	11.3200M 	Ben Coghlan 	1A 	23.0800M 	Sean Hazell 	2A 	2.08.7800M 	Rob Whitham 	1B 	2.10.9400mH 	Sean Hazell 	1A 	67.72k SC 	Sean Hazell 	2A 	6.50.32k SC 	Rob Whitham 	1B 	6.51.8DT 	Sean Dukes 	2A 	23.05HT 	Sean Dukes 	3A 	24.69HT 	Ben Coghlan 	1B 	18.40HJ 	Cameron Walker-Shepherd 	1A 	1.60HJ 	Scott Davie 	1B 	1.55JT 	Sean Dukes 	3A 	32.99JT 	Sean Hazell 	2B 	24.15LJ 	Scott Davie 	3A 	5.72LJ 	Rob Whitham 	1B 	5.69PV 	Cameron Walker-Shepherd 	1A 	3.80PV 	Scott Davie 	1B 	3.70SP 	Sean Dukes 	1A 	9.46TJ 	Rob Whitham 	1A 	11.89TJ 	Scott Davie 	1B 	11.714 x 400M 		1 	3.54.9