NJAL, Severn Division

29 Apr

Taking place on the Sunday 27th April, the first of the NJAL league matches kicked off. This year the team, combining with the Mendip team only managed 2nd place. With a slightly improved turn out next time the win is there for the taking.

Match Report…

The match result was:

Cheltenham 413
Bristol & West with Mendip 384
East Wales 278
South Wales 140

Christina Jones was awarded the Female Athlete of the Match award for SP 11.06m

Cheltenham edged the match simply because they had just a few more athletes competing on the day. Your continued support plus a positive response from those who were not avaliable yesterday should enable the team to finish first at the next match on Sunday 25th May. The venue is now expected to be Cwmbran.

It was good to include Matthew Norton as the first of the Mendip AC athletes to take part in the League.

The individual and relay results are noted below.

100MU17LZoe Laing13.6100MU20MBen Coghlan11.2
100MU17LGrace Hogan14.0200MU20MBen Coghlan23.0
200MU17LGrace Hogan28.8200MU20MAdam Taylor23.5
400MU20WEmma Chapman68.1800MU20MBruce Coram2.16.7
800MU20WEmma Chapman2.25.31500MU20MBruce Coram4.55.1
800MU17LEleonor Wimshurst2.27.93000MU20MRichard Peters8.50.6
400mHU20WHayley Pitman66.63000MU20MSean Hazell9.42.5
DTU20WHayley Green28.97400mHU20MSean Hazell72.4
DTU20WChristina Jones23.822000mSCU20MSean Hazell7.11.0
HTU20WChristina Jones37.44DT 1.75kgU17MJames Preston37.56
HTU20WHayley Green34.50DTU20MSean Dukes25.20
HJU20WHayley Pitman1.66HT 6kgU17MMatthew Norton35.09
HJU17LClare Dickins1.35HT 6kgU17MJames Preston34.20
JTU20WChristina Jones30.00HJU17MCameron Walker-Shepherd1.70
JTU20WHayley Green14.35JTU20MSean Dukes34.68
LJU17LZoe Laing5.24PVU17MCameron Walker-Shepherd4.00
SPU20WChristina Jones11.06SP 6kgU17MJames Preston13.92
SPU20WHayley Green7.96SPU20MSean Dukes10.26
HTU20MSean Dukes22.90
4 x 100U20mHazell, Coram, Dukes & Taylor51.1