One Day In History

21 Aug

Here’s an interesting race for all you runners who like to use your brains as well as your legs.

‘One Day in History’ is an on-foot Mental Race where you will run/walk to a series of checkpoints in a certain order. By visiting these checkpoints and solving the puzzles/codes/clues etc. you will gradually reveal the day of the week, day, month and year of a significant event in history. The routes to each check point will be marked.

You will then follow a final out and back route which takes you to a number of clues as to the name of the event itself. As soon as you know the answer you can turn back and run to the finish. The further you go down the route, the easier the clues get. Don’t turn back before you are sure of the answer – there’s a heavy penalty for not revealing the name of the event!

The race takes place on 21st October at Blaise Castle, Bristol. For more details visit the event organisers website,