Womens T&F Match, 8th July 2007

09 Jul

The Women’s Track & Field team once again put in a marvellous performance to win Sunday’s match but just two points from Yate.

328 Bristol
326 Yate
325 Kettering
214 Leicester
207 Corby

Despite not being able to compete in “8” Events the team performed exceptionally well and there were some outstanding performances.
In most of the Senior Events the team finished either 1st or 2nd.
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Kate Reed achieved a PB in the 1500M and Hayley Pitman in the 400MH and Javelin. Christina Jones once again finished 1st the Hammer and SP and Hayley Green finished 1st in the DISCUS. Once again Emma Heath and Leila Corfield winning the 100M and 400MH respectively.

Rachel Pitman won the U17 200M in a personal best time and came 2nd in the 80MH.

Despite competing against girls older themselves, the U15’s performed extremely well Poppy Brooks (U13) jumping 1.30M in her 1st competition and Lily Owsley (U13) and Chloe Hayward (U13), who performed well in their respective 800M races.

Not forgetting Katy Flanders who once again achieved PBs in the U17 Javelin and LJ.

Well done to the 4 x 400M relay team who secured the win in the final event of the day.

Finally I would like to wish all of our athletes, Christina Jones, Zoe Laing Hayley Pitman as well as those who couldn’t compete today Emma Reed and Emily Diamond all the best in the English Schools competition next week.

The UK Qualifier for Senior and U17 Athletes will be held on Saturday 8th September.

and don’t forget the next Midland League Meeting will be held at Dudley on Sunday 26th August.

Ian Moss

Full results Athlete Results

100M Senior A
Emma Heath 1st 12.22

100M Senior B
Rammel Houson 2nd 12.73

100M Senior A
Emma Heath 2nd 25.66
100M Senior B
Emma Heath 1st 26.43

Senior 400 A
Caroline Powell 3rd 61.77

Senior 400 B
Vicky Tester 2nd 63.95

Senior 800 A
Ruth Mitchell 2nd 2.24.27

Senior 800 B
Vicky Tester 1st 2.24.79

Senior 1500M A
Kate Reed 1st 4.22.00 (PB)

Senior 1500M B
Claire Willer 1st 4.43.96 (PB)

Senior 3000M A
Kate Reed 1st 9.04.25

Senior 3000M B
Claire Conway 1st 10.45.49

Senior 100MH A
Leila Corfield 2nd 15.16

Senior 100MH B
Lauren Yeates 2nd 16.46

Senior 400MH A
Leila Corfield 1st 64.84

Senior 400MH B
Hayley Pitman 1st 64.86 (PB)

Senior Long Jump A
Lucy Parker Armitage 2nd 4.82
Senior Long Jump B
Laura Reed 2nd 4.64

Senior Triple Jump A
Lauren Yeates 3rd 9.41
Senior Triple Jump B
Grace Hogan 2nd 9.20

Senior HJ A
Andrea Lock 4th 1.15

Senior HJ B
No Score

Senior Pole Vault
Andrea Lock 1st 2.40M

Senior SP A
Christina Jones 1st 10.55
Senior SP B
Hayley Green 2nd 7.94

Senior Discus A
Hayley Green 1st 24.91
Senior Discus B
Emma Heath 3rd 18.77

Senior Hammer A
Christina Jones 1st 40.02

Senior Hammer B
Hayley Green 2nd 28.54 (PB)

Senior Javelin A
Christina Jones 2nd 32.36
Senior Javelin B
Hayley Pitman 1st 29.45 (PB)

Under 17 200M A
Rachel Pitman 1st 26.47 (PB)

Under 17 200M B
Grace Hogan 2nd 28.64

U17 300M A
No Score

U17 300M B
No Score

U17 1500M A
No Score

U17 80M H A
Rachel Pitman 2nd 12.41

U17 80M H B
No Score

U17 LJ A
No Score

U17 LJ B
No Score

U17 Javelin A
Rachel Pitman 3rd 23.39

U17 Javelin B
Katy Flanders 4th 12.49 (PB)

U15 100M A
Rosie Furniss Brown 4th 13.65

U15 100M B
Zioe Laing 2nd 13.73

U15 200M A
Rosie Furniss Brown 5th 29.07

U15 200M B
Evie Tanner 3rd 28.50

U15 800M A
Lily Owsley 4th 2.34.07

U15 800M B
Chloe Hayward 4th 2.51.27

U15 1500M A
Katy Flanders 4th 5.34.75

U15 1500M B
Robyn Brailey 3rd 5.50.35

U15 75MH A
Evie Tanner 2nd 12.78

U15 75MH B
Kim Yeates 1st 12.78
U15 LJ A
Zoe Laing 1st 4.94

U15 LJ B
Katy Flanders 5th 3.26 (PB)

U15 HJ A
Zoe Laing 1st 1.46 (PB)

U15 HJ B
Poppy Brooks 4th 1.30 (1st competition)

U15 SP A
Rosie Furniss- Brown 3rd 6.69

U15 SP B
Evie Tanner 3rd 6.38

U15 Discus A
No score

U15 Discus B
No score


U15 4X100M Rosie Furniss- Brown, Evie Tanner, Zoe Laing, Kim Yeates 3rd 55.42

Senior 4X100M Lauren Yeates, Rammel Houson, Laura Reed, Emma Heath 3rd 52.24

Senior 4X 400M Andrea Lock, Ruth Mitchell, Vicky Tester, Leila Corfield 1st 4.13.90