Junior League

28 May

Aberdare, Wales, Saturday 27th May, 2007

My experiences of Aberdare had been wet afternoons running cross-country on the side of a slag heap. Today was a warm sunny morning and a relaxed athletics meeting in Aberdare was in prospect, but any such hopes disappeared as we crossed the Severn bridge and lost the sun for the day.

South Wales were hosting the Junior League match, but this was a combined meeting with the Welsh Senior League matches for men and women on a bank holiday weekend with the Midland U15/U17 championships.

Needless to say junior athletes were in scarce supply and the meeting timetable only gave a vague indication of when the events would actually take place.

Bristol & West fielded 14 athletes (men and women) which, although a little disappointing, was miles better than Yate (8 athletes) or Cheltenham (7) whilst South Wales and East Wales had hardly anyone, and those that did seemed unsure whether they were competing as a junior or for their senior clubs. Despite the gloom the Bristol team’s spirits were kept up by our very own Simon & Garfunkel (in the form of Preston & Todd) strumming and ‘singing’ throughout the afternoon.

On the track Bristol’s men notched up victories in the 800m, 1500m, 3000m whilst on the field wins came in the Shot and Discus. For the women there were wins in almost every event they entered on both track and field.

Highlights were Emma Reed’s solo time trial in the 1500m won in a grade 1 time of 4:36.7 and the mens 1500m duo of Sean Hazell and Ed Ponsonby who both knocked 12s off their personal bests.

Junior Men’s results

100m A John Attwood – 3rd 12.4
100m B Daine Bailey – 2nd 12.5
400m A Nick Todd – 3rd 58.0
800m A Harry Preston – 2nd 2:07.6
800m B Sean Hazell – 1st 2:11.2
1500m A Sean Hazell – 1st 4:18.5
1500m B Ed Ponsonby – 1st 4:25.6
3000m A Nick Todd – 1st 9:35
Long Jump John Attwood – 2nd 5.63
Triple Jump John Attwood – 2nd 12.19
Discus Joel Chamberlain – 1st 25.96
Shot A Daine Bailey – 1st 9.85
Shot B Joel Chamberlain – 2nd – 9.42

Women’s results not yet available
Match result not yet available