A Fertile Year

17 Dec

Bristol & West’s women’s endurance team have faced an unusual challenge this year, with five of our top runners being out of action for at least part of the year. It all started ….
when Michelle Lavercombe (formerly Wannell) gave birth to a baby boy in January. Michelle is focusing on motherhood at the moment, and we hope she’ll return to the sport when the time is right. We need all the good vets we can get!

In April Sharon Dixon had a baby girl, Ellen, who will be doing her first race this month at the Wyvern Christmas Cracker 10k at the age of 9 months! I better add that she will be in a pushchair. However, I believe she was born on the day of the National XC – must be a good omen. Sharon’s racing is on hold until she is feeling more competitive.

Closely on Sharon’s heels was Annabel Granger, giving birth to Isla in May. Annabel has been keen to get back to racing and following a few set backs is now returning strongly to her previous form and hopefully beyond! Annabel recently finished 11th in the Gwent/County Cross Country.

Then in September, Amy Stiles-Chalk, one of our star runners gave birth to Amelia Rose. Amy is slowly getting back to running, and we look forward to her return to racing in 2007.

To complete the year’s arrivals, Jack was born on 4th December to Sam Knill (nee Gray) another one of our top runners. He was born a little early but he and Sam are fine. In fact Sam is already keen to get running again.

What a year it’s been! Luckily we still have some very talented women who have been there to fly the B & W flag. New recruits such as Vicky Tester, Lisa Newing and Suzanne Harding are great team members and improving the standard all the time.

To start next year’s arrivals, Dorchie Lee is expecting her first baby in March.

So, on behalf of the club, I would like to congratulate all our new mothers and mothers to be, and wish them all the best for the future. Hopefully running will still play a part. There is a theory that having children makes you a better runner – let’s hope it’s true!

Sian Monahan