Womens Midland League 2nd Match

16 Aug

The women produced a good result at Tamworth, finishing in 3rd place on the day but only a few points behind first place. This leaves them with the chance of promotion if they can produce another strong performace in the next match.

Tamworth 311
Royal Sutton Coldfield 306
Bristol 292
Kettering 246
Halesowen 225
Wolverhampton & Bilston 211.5
Leicester 168

Notable performances….
Kate Goodhead
won both the 3k and 1500m yet again!! Lucy Ferguson came 1st
and 2nd respectively in her races.
Emma Heath won the 100M with a PB of 12.1 and won comfortably with plenty to
spare. Rammel Houson won the B race in 12.8.
Katy Knowles finished 2nd in her 800M to a very good athlete from Kettering
and Emma Reed won the B race.
Emily Diamond (U17) came 2nd in the senior 200M B race with 26.3 and finished
1st in the U17 HJ even though she hasn’t trained for the event all season!!
Lauren Yeates, after falling in the 80MH, still finished 2nd.
Christie Lazenby (U17) came 1st in the senior javelin B event.
Ruth Stringer (U15) came 1st in U17 Discus B event with 15.89 at her 1st
attempt at the event!!

Senior 4 X 100M Team of Emma Heath, Rammel Houson, Lauren Yeates and Emily
won comfortably. This was a very impressive performance winning by
over 20m.
U15 4 X 100M Team of Kim Yeates, Clare Dickens, Ruth Stringer and Kathryn
finished 5th out of 7 and
Senior 4 X 400M Team of Katy Knowles, Emma Reed, Leila Corfield and Lauren
Yeates finished 2nd. Leila ran a very good 3rd leg to bring us from 4th
place to 1st.

I was extremely pleased with the enthusiasm from all the girls and women,
who at times had to compete in awful conditions with heavy rain and a very
stiff wind down the back straight.

My thanks once again to Tracey Martin (Track Judge) and Mike Strange (Time
Keeper) as well as a big thanks to our judges from Yate, Tony and Pat
Jeffries, who officiated for the field events.

100 M Senior (A) : Emma Heath 12.1 (PB) 1ST
100 M Senior (B) : Rammell Houson 12.8 1ST
200 M Senior (A) : Emma Heath 25.0 2nd
200 M Senior (B) : Emily Diamond 26.3 (PB) 2nd
400 M Senior (A) : Emma Reed 63.1 5th
400 M Senior (B) : Andrea Lock 70.5 6th
800 M Senior (A) : Katy Knowles 2.20.6 2nd
800 M Senior (B) : Emma Reed 2.19.9 1st
1500M Senior (A) : Kate Goodhead 4.47.7 1st
1500M Senior (B) : Lucy Ferguson 5.05 1st
3000M Senior (A) : Kate Goodhead 10.11.9 1st
3000M Senior (B) : Lucy Ferguson 11.09.2 2nd
100MH Senior (A) : Leila Corfield 15.7 1st
100MH Senior (B) : Lauren Yeates 20.5 2nd
400MH Senior (A) : Leila Corfield 64.6 2nd
400MH Senior (B) : Lauren Yeates 72.6 2nd
TJ Senior (A) : Emily Diamond (U17) 10.02 (PB) 3rd
TJ Senior (B) : Grace Copplestone (U17) 9.86 (PB) 1st
HJ Senior (A) : Laura Reed 1.50M 2nd
HJ Senior (B) : Andrea Lock 1.10M 4th
SP Senior (A) : Christina Jones (U17) 10.30 2nd
SP Senior (B) : Rammel Houson 6.35 4th
Hammer Senior(A) : Christina Jones (U17) 29.57 3rd
Hammer Senior(B) : Christie Lazenby(U17) 20.21 4th
JavelinSenior(A) : Christina Jones (U17) 28.53 3rd
JavelinSenior(B) : Christie Lazenby(U17) 24.93 1st


200M (A) Lauren Martin 29.8 6th
200M (B) Lucy Hawkins 29.1 5th
300M (A) Grace Copplestone 45.8 4th
1500M (A) Lucy Taylor 5.32.2 4th
80MH (A) Lauren Martin 15.9 2nd
HJ (A) Emily Diamond 1.47 (PB) 1st
HJ (B) Lauren Martin 1.40 1st
Discus (A) Christie Lazenby 17.59 2nd
Discus (B) Ruth Stringer (U15) 15.89 1st


100M (A) Kathryn Newman 14.0 6th
100M (B) Ruth Stringer 14.5 6th
200m (A) Kathryn Newman 29.2 4th
200m (B) Kim Yeates 28.8 3rd
800M (A) Sophie Gordon 2.45.7 4th
1500M (A) Elsa Bromhall 5.38.1 4th
75MH (A) Clare Dickens 14.5 6th
75MH (B) Kim Yeates 14.4 2nd
LJ (A) Clare Dickens 4.18 3rd
LJ (B) Ellis Martin 3.63 5th
SP (A) Ellis Martin 5.42 6th
SP (B) Sophie Gordon 4.20 6th

Best performance awards (£10.00 Voucher from Sweatshop)

Seniors Track : Leila Corfield
Seniors Field : Christie Lazenby
U17 Track : Emily Diamond
U17 Field : Grace Copplestone
U15 Track : Kim Yeates
U15 Field : Clare Dickens

All Athletes who achieved PBs received prizes donated by Easy Runner.

Best wishes, Ian Moss