The Bridge Inn 5K is CANCELLED, 27th December

27 Dec

Bridge Inn Winter 5K Tuesday 27 December

Chris Elson, the new Race Director, inspected the course this morning. The race has had to be cancelled because there is too much ice on the course – sheets in several places. We are doing our best to contact as many people as possible.

The Winter Series is consequently reduced to 4 races with the remaining 3 scheduled for 31 January, 28 February and 28 March – best two times to count.

This is a shame as we had to cancel the November race as well. However you will appreciate that safety comes first. We have not had to make many cancellations in the previous years we have been putting on this event.

If you know of anybody who might be running and could contact them please let them know.

Seasonal greetings

Mike Adams, Race Secretary.