Reebok Bristol Half-Marathon

09 Oct

Kevin Heywood led Bristol and West AC men’s squad to a thumping victory in the team challenge in yesterday’s Reebok Bristol half marathon. The ladies team where also victorious, Sian Monahan led Nicky Brookland and Sarah Partridge home.

The mens team packed their first four runners in the top 15 of the 10,000 strong field that again turned the Bristol streets into a carnival.
While the team were hot favourites to win the big surprise was that it was Heywood who finished first scorer as he beat international Rob Whalley, who came a very disappointing eighth, by twelve seconds.
Phil Parry was 14th and second veteran over 40 after a good tussle with Cornishman Dave Buzza and the team was completed by Mick O’Doherty in 15th.
“It was another good team effort by the lads,” said team boss Mike Down.
The other local success came in the over 50s veterans’ age group. John Duncan showed a welcome return to form to finish top in that category in a time of 74mins 51secs – which was not a course record as announced, that time having been beaten by Nick Roe a couple of years ago.
“I’m still really pleased with that and it was a lot better than last year,” said Duncan.
Reebok Bristol half marathon
Men: 1 W Taragon (Kenya) 63:30; 2 P Langat (Kenya) 65:15; 3 M Smith (Tip) 65:18; 4 D Mitchinson (NEB) 65:35; 5 D Simons (Corn) 66:13; 6 R Kay (Notts AC) 66:18; 7 K Heywood (B&W) 66:22; 8 R Whalley (B&W) 66:35; 9 K Stone (NEB) 67:13; 10 R Zivan Morace (Northshore) 68:02; 11 K Ward (Birch) 69:01; 12 M Dean 69:32; 13 D Buzza (Corn, M40) 69:37; 14 P Parry (B&W, M40) 70:25; 15 M O’Doherty (B&W, M40) 72:26; 16 D Morwood (N Belfast) 72:41; 17 C Davey (CoB) 72:49; 18 B Dagne (Bel, W) 72:53; 19 L Yelling (Bed, W) 73:21; 20 M Boucher (AFD) 73:41; 21 M Cowen (Exe) 73:46; 22 R Williams (Bris Uni) 73:49; 23 D Lewis (Bris Uni) 74:03; 24 S Rush bridge (Exe) 74:10; 25 D Coales (CoB) 74:20; 26 R Drage (Tavis, M45) 74:35; 27 J Duncan (B&W, M50) 74:51; 28 N Ovington (Milton Keynes, M40) 74:58; 29 R Forsbrook (Chelt) 75:09; 30 C Folliott (Team Sotton) 75:11.
Women: 1 J Kandie (Kenya) 75:49; 7 Sian Monahan; 12th Nicky Brookland; 19 Sarah Partridge