Poll of Athletics Clubs in the UK

18 Sep

A poll is being conducted on behalf of UKA by Electoral Reform Services.

The poll is about ‘MOVING ON – A CHARTER FOR CHANGE’ (The Foster Report).

The papers arrived on Saturday 17 September. Our Club has to vote on 4 questions, answering ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘No View’ by 25 October. Please read more…

The 4 Questions

  1. Does your club support these proposals for the decentralisation of athletics delivery?
  2. Does your club support the proposed accountability plans for athletics in the UK?
  3. Does your club support the proposed financial direction for athletics in the UK?
  4. Does your club support implementing the membership scheme as presented here?

We are anxious to have as many opinions of Club members as possible on these questions.

You will need to see a copy of the new seven-page document ‘MOVING ON – A CHARTER FOR CHANGE’.

The most convenient way perhaps is to wait until Saturday 24 September, when a dedicated website will be launched – www.athletics-movingon.com.

If you want a copy before this date, please contact Chris Elson (c.j.elson@bris.ac.uk).

Please reply with your opinions on the 4 questions possed above by email to the Secretary, Mike Adams (mikeadams.blagdon@virgin.net).

Please note there is a Committee meeting on 30 September where the initial replies will be considered.

It is possible that a special discussion will be arranged, possibly at the Presentations Evening on 14 October.

Any new arrangements or updates will be published on this site as soon as possible.

Mike Adams, Honorary Secretary, 17 September 2005.