Match Win for Women in the Midland League, Sun 7th

10 Aug

A great performance by Bristol AC in the final Women’s Midland League Division 4 match saw them claim a match win and with it promotion to Division 3 after finishing just behind Kettering in the League table.

It was a great result for the girls/women and demonstrates the strength and depth of women’s athletics at Bristol AC, especially when you consider that at least 35 athletes were unavailable.

Ian Moss, Team Manager

Final Match Result

Final results confirmed by the organisers at Kidderminster. I have made a few corrections to some of the girls/women’s performances. : –

1st Bristol 289pts
2nd DASH 243pts
3rd Kettering 231pts
4th Shrewsbury 197pts
5th Corby 184pts
6th Kidderminster 97.5pts

Final League positions : –

1st Ketterring 15pts
2nd Bristol 14pts
3rd Corby 12pts
4th DASH 11pts
5th Shrewsbury 7pts
6th Kidderminster 3pts

Individual Results

As promised, most of the results I recorded on Sunday…….

Track Events

Senior 3000m Sam Gray A 1st 10.24.7, Vicky Crook B 2nd 13.35.3
U15 100M Kathryn Newman A 5th 13.9 (pb), Shashana Brown B 5th 14.6 U17 100M Lauren Martin A 4th 13.8, Stephanie Kelly B 4th 14.0
Senior 100M Emma Heath A 1st 12.3, Rammel Houson B 1st 12.8
U15 800 Lucy Taylor A 2nd 2.35.9, Stephanie Biggs B 3rd 3.17.1
Senior 800M Stephanie Barnes A 2nd 2.15.3, Katy Knowles 2.20.1 1st
U17 800M Emma Reed A Only 1st 2.20
U15 200M Grace Hogan A 5th 29.7, Kimberley Yeates B 5th 30.6
Senior 200M Emma Heath A 1st 25.8, Beth Harrison B 2nd 27.3
U15 75H Kathryn Newman A 5th 16.1
U1780H Stephanie Kelly A 2nd 13.1, Eve Lockett B 2nd 16.1
Senior 100H Lauren Yeates A 2nd 16.5, Laura Reed A, 1st 18.0
Senior 400M Emma Reed A 2nd 61.5, Caroline Powell 1st 59.9
U17 300M Lauren Martin A 4th 46.1, Holly Savage B 2nd 47.0,
U15 1500M Sophie Bridges A 3rd 5.22.8, Jo Chart B 2nd 5.41.4
Senior 1500M Sam Gray A 2nd 4.46.1, Katy Knowles B 1st 4.52.0
Senior 4 X 100M Rammel Houson, Beth Harrison, Laura Reed, Emma Heath 51.6 1st
U15 4 X 100M Shashana Brown, Sophie Bridges, Lucy Taylor, Kathryn Newman 4th
Senior 4 X 400M Amber Cottam (68.9), Stephanie Barnes (61.9), Emma Reed
(62.6), Lauren Yeates (65.4) 2nd.

Field Events

Senior Hammer Christina Jones A 25.2M 2nd, Christie Lazenby B 18M 2nd
Senior High Jump Laura Reed A 1.45 5th
U15 Long Jump Kathryn Newman A 3.83m 5th, Ellis Martin B 3.61m 3rd.
Senior Javelin Christina Jones A 28.33m 3rd, Christie Lazenby B 22.28m 2nd.
U17 HJ Lauren Martin A 1.40m 2nd, Holly Savage B 1.30m 1st
Senior Shot Christina Jones A 9.42 1st, Amber Cottam B 7.78 2nd
U17 Discus Christina Lazenby A 18.68 2nd, Jo Chart B 15.98 2nd.
Senior Long Jump Laura Reed A 5.15 2nd, Sarah Smart B 4.81 1st
Senior Pole Vault Holly Savage 2.00M, Stephanie Mcgrory 2.30M…..both 1st
Senior Discus Amber Cottam A 20.17M 4th, Emma Heath B 14.45 4th
U15 Shot Shashana Brown A 7.23 3rd, Stephanie Biggs B 5.28 4th.
Senior Triple Jump Sarah Smart A 10.14 3rd , Eve Lockett B 7.56 3rd.
U15 Javelin Lucy Taylor A 18.61 (pb) 2nd, Shashana Brown 12.50M


Senior Best performance : Emma Heath 1st place in 100 and 200M
Senior Improved Field Performance : Laura Reed, 1st in 100MH B
Senior Improved Track Performance : Sarah Smart for TJ, LJ and HJ

U17 Best performance : Emma Reed 1st in 800M
U17 Improved Field Performance : Holly Savage 1st in B HJ
U17 Improved Track Performance : Eve Locket for PB in 400MH

U15 Best performance : Kathryn Newman for effort in hurdles and LJ
U15 Improved Field Performance : Lucy Taylor for javelin
U15 Improved Track Performance : Stephanie Biggs for 800m

Additional prizes awarded for pb’s to Kimberley Yeates, Ellis Martin, Eve Lockett, Kathryn Newman, Lucy Taylor.

Thanks for Sweatshop and Easy Runner for providing the prizes.