Upcoming Masters Races

08 Aug

Dan Moore has kindly been ferreting out the details of some upcoming Masters races…

For those road hogs interested in other “essential” BMAF/Masters/Vets races there is also the: BMAF 10k Road Championships – Motherwell, Scotland, on Sep 24 2005. Bizzarely this is also the race to attend if you want to qualify to run for England in the XC champs even if not interested in road racing, or visiting Scotland.

Once again please confirm these details by regulary re-visiting:
http://www.bmaf.org.uk/ as times, dates and venues do change!

I doubt very much that I will be attending this championship race, but I do look forward to seeing you all at the XC relays in Newport, Wales on Oct 22nd 2005.

For all you mountain goats, there is also the World Masters Mountain Running Champs at Keswick, Lake District on September 10th 2005 and “open race” on September 11th 2005. My extensive research tells me that this race is an Up and Down race, which is very bad news for me (and a certain sad German apparently) as I have trouble going down hill fast, some people say uphill as well! However I will hitch a lift to the lakes, complete with my Argos tent and Welsh Castles soiled sleeping bag (don’t ask), to at least see whats going on. Yes I’m sure I will just be able to cheer and watch other people run!

Please verify times and dates at: http://www.mountainrunningkeswick.org.uk/main.asp?page=0


Dan Moore