Masterclass, Fasterclass

22 Jul

Thanks are due to the Events Department of Bristol City Council in collaboration with Reebok for arranging the Master Class plus the special visit of Steve Cram.

I think everyone who attended would agree that the Wednesday’s Masterclass with Steve Cram was a major success. Hopefully all of the half-marathon runners who attended will running faster than ever before after listening to the wealth of advice passed on by Steve and the rest of the panel of guests.

The outstanding impression was the relaxed way all the panelists approached the proceedings under the direction of Bud Baldaro. There was hardly any delay throughout the programme.

A good 60 people, mostly Young Athletes, were present just after 6pm to meet Steve, who was very skilful in talking to the group. Our coaches, especially Dave Taylor and Gareth Davies deserve thanks for bringing their sessions forward by one hour from normal – not a straightforward matter. It had been said that most of the young athletes would not know Steve, but the expressions on their faces showed they were captivated by what he had to say and they were riveted to the spot for at least 20 minutes before Steve left to appear live on BBC Regional News.

The attendance at the Master Class was 45, which was a little disappointing, considering the calibre of the panellists and the widespread advertising of the event. However it was sufficient to generate a successful discussion (once they were warmed up). The advice and comments corresponded with my own experience and study; it must have been very valuable to most of the Half Marathon runners present.

The run in the park proved a suitable one. There were four pace groups led by Bristol and West AC runners. Steve went in Phil Parry’s 6-minute-mile group; I went round in with Bud Baldaro in Jerry Hogan’s 8-minute-group. Dan Moore and Dave Austin led the other two groups. This illustrated the commitment of our guests and the ease with which they slid into the whole evening.

Bud Baldaro put the right touch on proceedings throughout.

I would strongly recommend those who missed this event to make the effort to attend one of the two remaining Master Classes.

Mike Adams

Here are some pictures from the evening.

The Yound Athletes (and a few more mature ones) listen to Steve

Training for the young athletes led by Garath Davies and Dave Taylor (not pictured)

Steve chats to some of the panelists before the start

Steve handing out advice

And again