The All Conquering 2005 Welsh Castles Relay Vets, The Runners and Riders from this years event

13 Jun

If you can come up with captions for any of the following pics then please send them in and if there not too rude (or insulting) I’ll try and post them.

“What you looking at? Fancy some action do you? Well do you punk?”

”Last year in Llandewybrevthy the snow was this high”.
or, No one had told Terry that the war was over.

Terry couldn’t keep up with clive’s fitness workout,
or, Terry used to be a billiards champion, don’t you know.

“Who said he could run?”

“I said we should’ve taken the turning back over that hill”

B&W had recruited Cosmonaut Danski from the USSR

After his win, Clive still had time to give kite surfing lessons.
or, Despite Dan’s wind Clive’s kite just wouldn’t take off.

”Where the hell am I?”

Mark tried to intervene, but Clive was adamant, he wasn’t having a “taff” in his tent that night.

Graham should never have eaten that bacon sandwich.
or, Graham should never have drunk the local water.
or, Graham had indulged too much, in the air products hospitality tent.

The B&W team were banned from the Red Dragon’s lounge for upsetting the locals with their bad behaviour.
or, Unfortuneatly the B&W reserve was unable to celebrate as he was on bouncer duties that night.

In the last few minutes Dan finally breaks a sweat.

Dan Moore ran the Drovers leg….. and here it is.

“Just watch and Learn Bromhall”
or, Clive bowed to his last minute replacement.
or, Clive clenched his fists ready to attack, but Jerry was ready to take on the whole team.

“Watch out that’s Jerry you’re pushing, he bites back!”, Sophie

Jerry’s one armed bandit style worked well on the day.

Graham and Jerry’s new deodorant gave them a new confidence.

“I told them Clive, that yellow doesn’t really go with my St. Tropez tan.”

Male model Jerry styles the latest range from British Home Stores.
PS. Appologies to Alec Woods, whom I unfortunately did not manage to get to in time to get a picture but his run will not be forgotten.