Athletics Round Up

26 Dec

Athletics News round up, courtesy of The Bristol Evening Post and The Green Un.

CLARE Stevinson made a successful return to racing to win the Downs Fitness Centre Christmas handicap on Sunday (Dec 19).
The Bristol and West athlete ended a long period of injury to claim overall victory after a thrilling sprint finish against ex-Nailsea Rugby Club hooker Andy Nelson – partner of Bristol and West runner Viv McConnell.
The handicapper – organiser and club chairman Mike Down – had conjured up a storming finale with his judicious award of handicaps for the three miles course around the Bristol Downs with Stevinson just edging out Nelson on the line to preserve the honour of the athletes.
Bristol`s in-form veteran Dan Moore came through strongly to finish third overall and post the fastest time by a veteran, even eclipsing Englnd internatoinal Clive Bromhall.
There was no surprise that B&W`s British international Rob Whalley once again ran the fastest individual time although on a surface softened by rain and snow his effort of 13mins 34secs was well outside his course record of 13:16. Training partner Nigel Leighton was second fastest with his best ever time on the course, just one second ahead of Martin Cox.
Amy Stiles was the quickest woman with a time of 16:24 although Caroline Kloiber, who is getting better with every race, wasn`t far behind.
There were also records for Dave Bedwell (M50) and Chris Elson (M60) while 10-year-old Naomi Speake set a new best in the U11 girls category.

* Bristol and West`s junior international Gary Davenport finished ninth in the U20s race at the at the Iris Lotto CrossCup race in Brussels.

* Bristol and West AC`s Helen Fines was the top woman in the latest Weston Prom five mils road race finished well clear of Weston`s Teresa Daniel.
But clubmate Dan Noad, showing a good return to form, was denied a double in the men`s race, which went to Exeter`s Mark Cowen.
Clevedon`s Nick Hides finished third and first veteran with Bristol and West`s John Duncan top veteran over 50.

Downs Fitness Centre handicap, Bristol – overall: 1 Clare Stevinson (B&W) 22:11; 2 Andy Nelson (unatt) 22:12; 3 Dan Moore (B&W, M40) 22.18; 4 Caroline Kloiber (B&W) 22:21; 5 Chris Elson (B&W, M60) 22:23; 6 Dave Bedwell (B&W, M50) 22;31; 7 Martin Hula (B&W) 22:32; 8 Jonathan Hurford (GWR, M40) 22;33; 9 Rob Whalley (B&W) 22:34; 10 Heidi Moulder (B&W) 22:35.
Fastest times: Whalley 13.34; Nigel Leighton (B&W) 14:29 (PB); Martin Cox (B&W) 14:30; Hula 14:32; Moore 15:18; Neville Adams (B&W) 15:19; Phil Parry (B&W, M40) 15:27; John Wills (B&W) 15:28; Clive Bromhall (B&W, M40) 15:37; Rick Wallis (W`bury, M40) 15:57. M50: Dave Bedwell (B&W) 16:31. M60: Chris Elson (B&W) 17:33
Women: Amy Stiles (B&W) 16.24; Kloiber 16:36; Charlotte Coffey (B&W) 17:09; Stevinson 18:01; Moulder 18:05; Sian Monahan (B&W, W35) 18:11; Katie Knowles (B&W, U17) 18:11; Alison Hurford (B&W, W40) 18:43; Emma Reed (B&W, U17) 18:44; Viv McConnell (B&W, W45) 19:03; Rebecca Randell 19:07. W60: Jo Jay (B&W) 21:34
U11s – girls: Naomi Speake 20:37 (record); Boys: Sam Bedwell 21:24; George Hurford 21:26; Adam Speake 21:44
Weston Promenade 5 miles – men: 1 M Cowen (Exe) 26:56; 2 D Noad (B&W) 27:06; 3 N Hides (Cleve, M40) 27:26; 4 M Cooper (Cleve, M40) 27:33; 5 Unknown 27:35; 6 M Jacobs (Weston) 27:37; 7 J Duncan (B&W, M50) 27:58; 8 N Page (Cleve) 28:00; 9 S Hollier (Cleve, M50) 28:03; 10 J Williams (Cleve) 28:07. M60: B Atkinson (Cleve) 32:32
Women: 1 H Fines (B&W) 30:33; 2 T Daniel (Weston) 33:12; 3 K Robinson (Nailsea, W35) 34:07.
W45: A Roberts (Cleve) 36:17

20th Bert King Wellington Monument – men: 1 R Smyth (unatt) 35:40; 2 Paul Holley (Axe V) 36:12; 3 Anthony Hatchard (Exm) 36:39; 4 J Gilling (Taun) 36:53; 5 D Tomlin (T`brdge Tr) 37:14; 6 P Monahan (S Dev) 37:23; 7 H Marsden (Exm, M40) 37:28; 8 K Hagley (SWRR, M40) 38:02; 9 B Walthen (SWRR) 38:04; 10 R Crichton (Taun, U18) 38:13
M40: 3 M Truman (unatt) 40:02. M50: 1 J Shapland N Dev RR) 38:52; 2 P Bayliss (Axe V) 40:21; 3 T Ryan (Tiv) 41:30. M60: J Perratt (Exm) 46:05. M70: K House (S Dev) 54:21. Teams: 1 Taunton AC (John Gilling, Crichton, 12th Steve Willis 39:13, 13th Paul Cuff 39:30).
Women: 1 Jenny Moore (YTRR, W35) 42:26; 2 E Wood (Axe V) 45:42; 3 K Hellings (Quantock) 46:26.