Super Seniors Bring Home the Medals

25 Sep

The senior ladies struck gold at the Midland Road Relays. They also broke the hour mark and Kate Reed set the new individual course record. With all three teams finishing in the top ten it really was a fantastic set of results.

The men also had a good day taking team bronze and placing two other teams in the top fifteen with the fourth team placed in the top half of the field.

Congratulations to all those who took part, helping to make a great start to the season for Bristol and West AC.

The Victorious Senior Women
Annabel Granger, Lucy Hassell, Amy Styles and Kate Reed

The Senior Men Bronze Medal Team
back row Rob Whalley, Royston Green, Kevin Heywood and Martin Hula,
front row John Ward and Nigel Leighton

Kate Reed, Fastest Lap and New Course Record

More pictures available here

The results for all the senior Bristol and West AC teams is available below. For full results see web link at the end.

Senior Women 4 Stage Results (51 Teams)
1stBristol & West00:59.30
A Stiles14:38:00
A Granger15:50:00
L Hassell14:59:00
K Reed14:03:00
3rdBristol & West B01:02.25
E Whittaker16:07:00
A Wilshire15:46:00
H Moulder15:37:00
S Gray14:55:00
8thBristol & West C01:06.30
M Keenan18:15:00
U Counsell15:56:00
S Monahan15:53:00
A Hurford16:26:00
Fastest Lap
1stKate Reed14.03(Course Record)
2ndAmy Stiles14.38
7thSam Gray14.55
8thLucy Hassell14.59
Senior Mens 6 Stage Results (83 Teams)
3rdBristol & West 01:49.06
K Heywood 17:56:00
M Hula 18:32:00
R Green 18:23:00
J Ward 18:22:00
N Leighton 18:30:00
R Whalley 17:23:00
7thBristol & West B 01:53.50
D McKerracher 17:52:00
D Awde 19:08:00
P Parry 18:40:00
G Eagle 19:38:00
N Adams 19:31:00
C Bromhall 19:01:00
14thBristol & West C 01:57.49
L Bartlett 19:17:00
S Evans 19:16:00
M Dickenson 19:11:00
T Elson 20:04:00
M Bain 20:18:00
B King 19:43:00
39thBristol & West D 02:07.35
J Malone-Lee 20:41:00
J Hogan 21:36:00
D Moore 19:52:00
A Sheppard 20:11:00
L North 21:59:00
D Austin 23:16:00
Fastest Lap
4thRob Whalley 17.23

Full results available from
Womens results page here and Mens results page here